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Fall Break

No classes in session today. Classes resume Wednesday, October 24.

Intuit Idea Jam

What is the Idea Jam? Teams of 3 or 4 and will be given a problem space in which to apply Intuit’s design methodology to come up with an innovative idea. ...

MATLAB Seminar: Data Analytics and Machine Learning with MATLAB

Location: Bauer North, The Founders Room Registration: http://www.mathworks.com/CMC2018 ​ In this session, you will learn how MATLAB can be used to...

Oral history workshop

The CMC History Department will host an oral history workshop with Dr. Natalie Fousekis, Director of the Lawrence B. de Graaf Center for Oral and Public...

10/24 4:15pm
Bonds vs. Stocks - Perspectives from Traders

Fixed income. Bonds. Debt. Equity. Stocks. What do these terms mean, particularly with investors? Scott and Cheryl Thornton P'21 both have had long careers...

Sustainability Approaches to Environmental Justice and Social Power

Julie Sze, UC Davis professor of American Studies, on how social justice and sustainability connect, what sustainability actually means, and how to achieve...

Study Off Campus Info Session

Information for students interested in Study abroad, the Washington Program, or the Silicon Valley Program.