[QCL Workshop] Get Equipped with LaTeX (Level 1)

Wednesday, January 25, 2023 6pm to 7:30pm

### Getting Equipped with LaTeX

## Summary

Ever wonder how your professor writes mathematical symbols, equations, and formulas so easily for your assignments? Ever been frustrated with the limitations and clumsiness of Microsoft's Equation Editor when writing your lab assignments? Is the technical and aesthetic formatting of your senior thesis driving you crazy? The solution to all these problems is to learn LaTeX, a document preparation system that makes writing mathematics simple and creates consistent formatting.

In this workshop, we will step through the set-up of getting started with Overleaf to compile your first document. The first half of the workshop will go through the basics of LaTeX and writing math equations so you can start turning in clear solutions to your homework assignments online. The second half delves into formatting and referencing sections, displaying figures, using packages, and citing sources, enough to produce a professional senior thesis or publishable manuscript.

## Pre-requisites

The entire workshop will be done through Zoom, so please have a stable internet connection.

## Participants

Open to all CMC Staff, Faculty and Students

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