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[QCL Workshop] R Programming Basics (Level 1 – Coding)

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# R Programming Basics (Level 1 - Coding)

## Summary

R is an open source statistical programming language. R is widely used in industry as well as in academia for statistical analysis and data visualization. In this workshop, we introduce the basics of R language and its programming environment through simple hands-on examples.

This workshop is designed for beginners in R programming, so no prior knowledge of R programming is needed. However, general programming knowledge in any programming languages will be help understand the programming concepts.

## Agenda:

  • Basics of R and RStudio

  • R Programming Environment: Workspace, Working Directory, Package

  • R objects (data structure and function)

  • R packages for data import and export

  • R graphics for simple plotting methods

  • Basic statistical analysis using R

## Location

Online (Zoom information will be provided to the attendees after registration)

In-person (Room LC 61)

## Participants

CMC Students, Faculty, and Staff

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